These regulations are not intended to be a complex rulebook, but a necessary complement to the Residence Contract, which we invite all guests to read.

    1. VEGETATION : It is forbidden to tamper with the vegetation in any way, by hanging hammocks, clothes lines, electric cables or affixing other objects of any kind. Staff members are authorised to remove any such items hanging from trees immediately and without notice. We advise guests to bring clothes racks, or stakes from which to hang lines and other objects. If vegetation is cut or removed, unless paid back for damages and other by law, the person responsible will be removed from the campsite.
    2. MAINTENANCE OF THE PLOT: The occupier must keep the area clean and tidy, may not dig ditches and where this is necessary due to exceptional and compelling reasons of weather, must immediately restore the land to its original condition after the event.
    3. WASTEWATER AND WASHING WATER: For obvious ecological reasons, it is forbidden to empty waste water, water with detergent or water from washing (even partial) of vehicles.
    4. DISPOSAL: It is strictly forbidden to dispose of wastewater of any type or from any source outside of the appropriate places located inside the premises that are duly marked (compulsory for the discharge of sewage from caravans and camper vans) and/or outside the toilets.
    5. WASTE SEPARATION: Bags for all types of waste may be purchased at the supermarket. After use, guests must close bags carefully to prevent spillage of material and place them in the appropriate bins in the collection points. 
  2. SOUND SYSTEMS: The use of musical instruments, radios, televisions, computers and magnetic or digital music players is allowed exclusively during permitted hours and only at low volumes or using headphones to prevent disturbance to other guests. The display of radio or TV aerials of any kind is also prohibited.
  3. QUIET TIMES: Quiet times are from midnight to 7am and from 1pm-3pm. During such times it is forbidden to put up or take down tents, to talk loudly, to drive cars or camper vans, behave in any loud way, this being equally valid for adults and children. The use of playgrounds for children is however permitted. Areas involved in entertainment may observe different times from those above for events in the interest of guests, without the need to apply for permission.
  4. FIRE: It is forbidden to light fires or coal or wood stoves on the pitch or on the beach. Violation of this rule is a felony. The use of the campsite’s special brick grills is permitted on days without wind and in the manner set out herein, with particular reference to never leave a fire unattended, prohibiting the use of flammable liquids, paper, pine cones and dry branches for fire, in other words items that produce a flame which is not constant and which may emit sparks. The use of gas stoves is permitted on the pitch as long as they are positioned no less than a metre away from vegetation. It is forbidden to tamper with or use inappropriately specific firefighting equipment such as shovels, hoses and fire extinguishers. Please ensure matches and cigarettes are fully extinguished after use. Breach of these rules, constitutes in all cases a serious risk to persons and property, as well as of law, and will lead to removal from the campsite.
  5. WATER: Water supplied is drinkable in accordance with existing laws. A greater civil awareness is requested in avoiding the waste or improper use of water and in leaving taps running.
  6. ELECTRICITY: Usually 220 volts, 6/ 10/ 16 Amps. In order to prevent accidents and fires, it is prohibited to lay cables across through roads or affix cables to vegetation. Staff are explicitly authorised by the person signing the residence contract to remove immediately and without notice such cables laid not in accordance with that specified or those which do not possess connectors or plugs conforming to EEC regulations.
  7. CAR, MOTORBIKE AND OTHER VEHICLES CIRCULATION: Car traffic is limited to the unloading and loading of items on arrival and departure, which must not exceed two hours : after these operations, no vehicles may circulate inside the campsite, except for the transport of disabled people. The circulation is however prohibited during quiet times and after 20.00. Guests may use the dedicated carts to carry packages, luggage and shopping bags (a € 15,00 deposit is requested). Electric vehicles may not circulate in the place of bicycles. Camper vans, which are admitted as they are equipped with fire extinguishers, are subject to restrictions on movement for the discharge of toilet chemicals, and also in terms of departures from and returns to the premises from external excursions (before 12.45 in the morning and 22.30 in the evening). The speed limit for all vehicles, whether bicycle, car or camper van, is 4 km per hour (equivalent to a walking pace). The premises manager reserves the right to remove bicycles from minors travelling faster than walking pace, and return the bicycle to the adult in charge of the minor. Bicycles must not access the playground areas and the Olive Square. Service transport may circulate freely at any time of day or night. There is no access to the premises for motorcycles and/or scooters, unless the engine is switched off.
  8. PARKING: There is a large car park at the campsite which is manned but not guarded, at the free disposal of guests.
  9. PETS: Please refer to the special Dogs Regulation that must be signed by dog owners.
  10. CLOTHING: It is forbidden to walk around topless at the campsite; it is also forbidden for children to enter shops naked.
  11. BATHING AND NAVIGATION: The laws in force are applicable for navigation and anchoring within 200 metres from the shore and for the use of the beach.
  12. PLAYGROUNDS: Playgrounds are reserved for children under the age of 11. Access is only allowed to adults accompanied by children; due to weight limits, persons over 11 should not use the facilities. There is no access by bicycle. The breach of these rules will lead to the removal of the person in question from the playground.
    1. ENTRY: during the times shown, subject to the registration of all persons entering; any subsequent change must follow the same procedure. The campsite acknowledges that it will lease the chosen pitch to guests for the preferred times as a result of booking or from the entrance papers for the charges set out. Keys for mobile homes and bungalows will be available at 5pm. Guests are provided with a special identification bracelet on check-in that they are obliged to wear for identification purposes and return on departure.
    2. DAYTIME GUESTS: are admitted during office hours at the appropriate rate and after an identity document has been provided.
    3. VISITS TO THE CAMPSITE: subject to providing an identity document and together with our staff, unless otherwise authorised by Reception.
    4. CHOICE OF PLOT: subject to guided visit by our staff, or as indicated by Reception.
    5. LOCATION OF PLOTS: clearly marked by specific signage showing the number of each parking space.
    6. OCCUPANCY OF PLOT: guests are required to occupy their chosen plot; permission from Reception is required to change the location by means of a new registration.
    1. ADMITTANCE: children are only admitted in the presence of an adult who is responsible for their care. Bookings, including those made on arrival at the campsite, constitute an open contract between the parties. Management reserves the right not to accept persons who have previously breached the contract to stay at the premises or contracts from previous years and/or those who have violated the rules of law with particular reference to those concerning hotels and shops. In the period between 01.07 and 31.08 any change increasing the number of residents in a plot must be requested in advance at the Reception and subsequently approved in writing. Any removal from the premises should occur within two hours of notification by Management and does not release all those excluded from paying the amount due for the stay and other expenses incurred.
    2. DEPARTURES: departures must occur by 12pm for caravans or tents; and by 10am for bungalows and mobile homes. After this time an extra day will be charged for.
    3. EXTENSION OF STAY: any extension can only be reserved by Reception, with modification of the residence card.
    4. PAYMENT: during the opening hours of the Till and upon check-in, or at the beginning of your stay; we accept payment by cash, debit cards, Visa or MasterCard credit cards. It is obligatory to show the payment receipt to control staff at the exit. At their discretion, Management reserves the right to request a non-interest bearing deposit of €300,00 to cover any contractual breaches and damages compensation. Claims are only accepted at the moment of payment at the Till.
  15. CAMPSITE RESPONSIBILITIES: The premises accepts no responsibility for the purposes of the stay and/or damages in the event of temporary loss of electricity, water or technical failures of facilities; likewise it is not responsible for the theft of items or money occurring on the premises and in its pertinences and is liable within the limits of insurance for any money deposited. The premises is not liable for accidents caused by natural elements such as wind, rain and the like, of falling branches or pine cones or other vegetation whether or not in conjunction with the weather, the presence of any kind of wild animal at the campsite, or animals that are normally present in a Mediterranean forest and forming part thereof; it is not liable for accidents caused by guests or their equipment or moving vehicles.