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Sustainable tourism


Tiliguerta is committed to promoting responsible and eco-sustainable tourism that respects the environment, the economy, and the local community, understanding that this has become an essential imperative. Responsible behavior involves our facility first, but also tourists and businesses that create and distribute travel and related services.

We address a Tourist whose DNA is rooted in a vacation concept based on Respect and Discovery of the Environment. A Tourist who understands the importance of preserving nature and sees vacation as an opportunity to discover local cuisine, craftsmanship, folklore traditions, local plant species, and wildlife.


The renovation of our accommodations has always aimed for minimal environmental impact: the mobile homes are made from wood sourced from certified forests, and the use of LED lighting for both indoor and outdoor furnishings enables significant energy savings. The air conditioning system in the bungalows is cutting-edge, allowing for hot water production through air recycling. Additionally, all furnishings – each one a unique and customized piece – have been crafted by local young artists, aligning with our vision of tourism that revolves around the local community.

Cleaning throughout the facility is exclusively done with biodegradable detergents within 24 hours to minimize environmental impact. Office materials and promotional items are made from 100% post-consumer recycled and FSC-certified paper. Tiliguerta’s entrance is part of a broader lighting project that has already seen the installation of energy-saving lighting fixtures.

In 2015, Tiliguerta initiated a significant tree planting project in common areas and external spaces of accommodations, featuring trees and shrubs typical of the Mediterranean vegetation and, specifically, Sardinia: myrtle, helichrysum, rosemary, oleander, and strawberry trees. Numerous invasive plants, such as carpobrotus, and invasive trees like mimosa and eucalyptus, have been eradicated and replaced by holm oak trees, typical of our island.

In its green journey, Tiliguerta installed a 100 kW photovoltaic system in 2022, covering part of the energy needs of the entire facility and reducing consumption from the traditional electrical grid.

At Tiliguerta, we meticulously sort waste, with collection points clearly marked by large panels explaining how to separate waste for optimal recycling.

We strongly oppose animal abandonment and happily welcome owners who choose to spend their holidays with their four-legged friends. We provide biodegradable bags for pet waste.

Internal signage, created in collaboration with naturalists from the University of Cagliari, highlights the importance of dunes, Posidonia seagrass, and our local environment, aiming to raise awareness among our guests about the importance of preserving the environment.

Tiliguerta is part of a fragile and wonderful ecosystem consisting of beaches, sea, rocks, ponds, rivers, hills, and forests. We are confident that you will help us preserve this oasis of well-being!