We have always enjoyed breaking the mold, turning our passions into our daily work, innovating to achieve a happy relationship with the world around us. The Tiliguerta project was born with the aim of creating a place of Well-Being in Sardinia, for the people who work with us, our guests, and the communities living in the area around Costa Rei. Our intention is to make Tiliguerta a place that preserves itself and the surrounding environment, where contact with nature becomes the center of the travel experience. A refuge for true travelers who, at Tiliguerta, have the opportunity to regenerate soul, body and mind.


“Art, in its various forms, also takes on the guise of massage; the hands are the instrument with which it can express itself. They guide me as I explore your body, they are my eyes that observe and feel. Each treatment is an action in the present, doing exactly what is needed for you at this moment, and that’s why each treatment will never be the same as another”.

Manuela Piras, a holistic therapist by vocation and profession, has chosen to put her art at the service of Tiliguerta. This wonderful part of Sardinia is rich in natural energy: the sea air, water, sun, silence; the ideal place to dedicate oneself to a regenerative period.

Since 2014 Manuela Piras has started studying oriental and acupressure techniques, always receiving treatments firsthand to understand respect for the body and what it means to be on the other side.

At Tiliguerta, Manuela Piras offers guests different treatments.

  • Chinese Foot Reflexology (duration 45 min.): an ancient foot acupressure technique that stimulates the balance of the entire body. It is useful for back and neck pain, effective in treating water retention, menstrual pain, and digestive difficulties. It helps blood circulation, relieves swollen or tired legs and feet.
  • Relax Treatment (duration 60 min.): the scents of essential oils and the therapist’s touch will guide the guest in exploring their own body and inner self, towards that deep silent place where nothing is disturbed, where everything is peace.
  • Thai Treatment (duration 60 min./ 90 min.): a full-body treatment that comes directly from the Thai tradition, a combination of pressure and stretches, practiced by the therapist using her entire body. It releases muscle contractions, promotes blood and lymphatic circulation, stimulates diuresis, contributes to the balance of the entire body, and helps unlock energetic stagnations.
  • CBD Oil Treatment (duration 30 min.): treatment with CBD hemp oil and oleolite with anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects. Recommended for small areas such as hands, wrists, feet, knees, neck, and back.

We also offer oil treatments lasting 60 minutes, dedicated only to your preferred areas of the body:

  • neck/shoulders/face: useful for warming and relaxing muscles contracted in the trapezius, neck, and shoulders area;
  • back: performed in case of pain in the lumbar area or along the spine, but also simply to dedicate half an hour of relaxation and pampering;
  • legs: circulatory and draining treatment, useful for relieving swollen and tired legs, ankles, and feet.

Each treatment is personalized, and if deemed necessary or requested, dietary or other advice will be provided to complement the practice.

For information and reservations, please contact the Reception or write to info@tiliguerta.com.