Art. 1 Scope of the Regulations

The use of swimming facilities must comply with the rules of conduct set out in these Regulations.

Art. 2 Schedule and opening hours

2.1 Swimming facilities are open to campsite users on the days and times determined by the manager. The opening hours are displayed at the entrance to the swimming facilities. Any exceptions will be agreed in advance with the pool manager.

2.2 Users are required to observe the opening hours of the facilities as set out above, as well as the additional rules specified in these Regulations.

Art. 3 Access to facilities

3.1 The swimming facilities are exclusively accessible by guests staying at the campsite.

Art. 4 Restricted access to facilities

4.1 Access to the swimming facilities is not permitted for individuals with wounds, bleeding, skin lesions, plasters or bandages. Those suffering from illnesses that pose a risk through their use of the swimming pool are asked, to protect their safety and that of others, to communicate their health condition to the attendant on duty before entering the water. 

4.2 Children under the age of 14 are not permitted to access the facilities unless accompanied by adults who assume responsibility for them. In order to access and remain in the facility, service personnel will check the age of unaccompanied minors by asking them to present an identity document. 

4.3 To safeguard the right of all guests to personal safety and a tranquil stay in the facility, the manager, through the service personnel, has the power to remove anyone from the facility who, by their own behaviour, undermines public order and/or morality, or who, through disorderly conduct, dangerous games or other actions, affects the safety of other guests or disrupts the regular operation of the service.

4.4 Dogs or other animals are not permitted in the pool area, but those wishing to use the pool with their dog are invited to take advantage of the dog pool, an area exclusively dedicated to dogs and their owners.

Art. 5 Prohibitions

5.1 The following is prohibited in the pool area: 

1) bringing in dogs or other animals; 

2) smoking (the ban applies to any area other than where smoking is expressly permitted); 

3) consuming food and/or drinks in the showers and inside the pools; 

4) bringing in exercise, fishing and/or underwater swimming equipment, radios, camcorders, cameras, audio and other electrical equipment without prior authorisation, including verbal, from the personnel responsible for the facility; 

5) wearing shoes in areas used by swimmers; 

6) holding on to showers, taps, and handholds in the shower area; 

7) ball games either in the pool or at the edge; 

8) make excessive noise, push, run, harass other swimmers or generally endanger themselves or others; 

9) shower or bathe with soaps and/or shampoo, move around the swimming pool area without a swimming costume; 

10) bringing items of any kind, including balloons, floating boards, inflatables and, above all, glass objects into the pool. Teaching materials are permitted in the pool, including any provided by the manager, such as armbands; 

11) diving from boards, edges and steps, diving with a run-up or backwards; 

12) spitting in the pool water or spilling liquids of any kind; 

13) urinating, defecating and cleaning any wounds in pool; 

14) entering the pool if one or more parts of the body have been coated with oils, creams, or similar substances of any kind, including colouring for hair or skin; 

15) throwing clothes or objects of any kind into the pool;

16) entering the pool outside of opening hours;

17) accessing the machine room;

18) bringing umbrellas, strollers, stools, chairs, deckchairs, tables or anything else into the pool area. The umbrellas, sun loungers, tables and gazebos provided by the manager are permitted; 

19) bringing glass bottles, glasses, steel cutlery and/or similar items into the pool area.

Art. 6 Rules for use of the facility

6.1 For hygiene reasons, showering is mandatory before entering the pool. The swimming pool area can only be accessed wearing rubber sandals with non-slip soles. 

6.2 Children under the age of 14 may only enter the adult pool if accompanied by an adult. 

6.3 Inexperienced swimmers are required to remain in the safety zone, which refers to the area where the feet can be rested on the bottom of the pool with the head above the surface of the water, or near the edge of the pool where they can hold on to the handles. 

6.4 In the pool: 

a) the pool area can only be accessed barefoot or with appropriate footwear that allows for the complete immersion of the feet in the foot bath;

b) the use of swimming goggles with shatterproof lenses is permitted;

c) the use of swim caps is recommended; loose long hair should be tied up with an elastic;

d) the use of swim nappies is mandatory for children under the age of 3, as well as physiologically incontinent users;

e) adults must supervise the children under their responsibility.

6.5 Please swim without bothering and/or obstructing other swimmers. 

6.6 Following an audible signal (in case of emergency) or a replacement signal, including voice alerts, issued by service personnel, users should quickly exit the pool. 

6.7 The use of designated waste bins is mandatory for any kind of waste.

6.8 For hygiene reasons, towels must be used on the sun loungers. 

6.9 Do not leave unattended objects in the pool area. 

6.10 It is strictly forbidden to occupy tables or loungers if they are not in use; loungers that are left unused for more than 30 minutes will be considered available for other users.

Art. 7 Suspension of entry to the pool

7.1 The manager has the power to temporarily suspend the entry of swimmers in the following cases: 

a) overcrowding of the facility to the extent of compromising the safety of the guests; 

b) necessary and urgent maintenance for the restoration of the functionality and safety of the facilities; 

c) emergencies which may lead to dangerous, or potentially dangerous, situations for the safety of users and service staff.

Art. 8 Damag

8.1 All structural elements of the swimming facilities, and all equipment, outdoor furnishings and all constituent material must be used with the utmost care. 

8.2 Any damage to the facilities and furnishings, equipment and materials, as well as the areas around them, will be charged to those responsible, with an immediate request for the reimbursement of the costs incurred in the restoration.

Art. 9 Responsibility

9.1 The use of swimming facilities, premises, furnishings and equipment shall be deemed to be at the risk of the users and those accompanying them, with the exception of any liability incurred by the manager, save defects attributable to the structure of the facility.

Art. 10 Obligations of the staff responsible for the service

10.1 The manager, the attendants and the staff who are otherwise responsible for carrying out the service at the swimming facilities are obligated to comply with these Regulations.

10.2 The attendant, authorised to carry out rescues and first aid under current regulations, supervises the activities taking place in the pool and in the perimeter spaces around it.

10.3 The presence of attendants at the poolside, proportional to the number and characteristics of the pools and the number of swimmers, as established by the regional provisions, must be continually ensured throughout the pool’s opening and working hours.