If you, like us, share a respect for nature and the environment in sustaining and preserving its beauty and integrity, then Tiliguerta is the place for you! We have chosen to embrace a policy that respects the environment by adopting appropriate measures in the treatment of waste and we are in the process of installing a functional and energy efficient lighting system. Considering water is a particularly precious commodity in Sardinia, hot and cold showers – free for all visitors – are equipped with EcoSmart technology to help save water. An internal communication project at Tiliguerta strives to make guests aware of the importance of natural resources and how to avoid waste.

Furthermore, since we are located within a precious ecosystem of lagoons, rivers, the sea, hills and mountains, we encourage you to leave false and useless souvenirs where they belong, be they plants, rocks or shells.

it looks like seaweed

Walking along the shore, especially after a sea storm, on the beach of Tiliguerta you may encounter the Posidonia Oceanica which, despite what some might think, it’s not seaweed

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At Tiliguerta Camping Village we have always been happy to welcome all animals, especially, dogs. Our goal is to allow that a dog spends the whole vacation time with its human friend, and that, therefore, it doesn’t stay locked in an accommodation, while…

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