Soul Contact Massage

Soul Contact Massage

What it is

Soul Contact Massage is the nectar of ancient knowledge and practices belonging to millenarian traditions, wisely combined and integrated with great attention to offer direct access to the deepest part of the Self. When we receive a Soul Contact Massage we enter a state of total presence to reality that manifests itself with a deep connection with ourselves and everything surrounding us. From this state we can experiment the contact with our undivided nature.

It’s a meditation experience that happens ‘with’, ‘though’ and ‘beyond’ the physical body.

To whom it applies

To be able to best grasp what this practice has to offer you need to be able to hold a very high level of intimacy with your feeling and the ability to let flow in the whole body both the emotions, and the sensations that may surface on elevated degrees of intensity. The Soul Contact Massage is suitable both for those that are already on a path of personal evolution, and for those that have a natural attitude and curiosity towards the exploration of the space beyond the  gates of ordinary perceptions.

How it performs

The Soul Contact Massage is the result of a meeting between two people, two souls and two bodies that enter in deep contact. The operator in the initial phase welcomes the person, through a mutual exchange of information, establishing a first communication. Subsequently you enter the practice beginning with a short meditation recollection. With the help of warm oil and on the base of direct listening of the energetic communication the flow of the waves is followed with tended slow, soft and continuous movements on the whole body. The person receiving the massage stays in a receptive condition and  in this ‘do nothing’, thanks to the support of the operator and to the trusting relation established, he or she will be able to reach the right openness, totally respecting his or her limits, to enjoy at best the experience.

The Soul Contact Massage usually has a total duration of 75 minutes.

How it works

The principles on which the Soul Contact Massage is based come from the basic consideration that most conditions of malaise of the individual originate from the lack of balance in the basic system body-mind-emotions. Lack of unconditioned joy, poor vitality, faded passion, unjustified emotional swings, drowsiness of the senses and the feeling of spending our days mechanically and repetitively this are often unmistakable symptoms of a non-optimal condition.

The Body

The body is a part of us that accompanies us during our whole physical experience, but which often we are used to consider as an object that can be used, manipulated and shaped at will. Our identification with the intellectual polarity, largely coming from ancestral conditionings by religions based on neglecting the physicality, and the modern life rhythms forced and stressful, made us develop the attitude to overlook the messages that our body sends. We decide for example to follow strict diets, to undergo heavy trainings and look proudly at the results, not noticing that our actions are almost always unilateral and come from rational choices, often dictated by needs of social acceptance. The result is a sort of deafness. The lack of listening lets the body gradually loose its sensibility and its extraordinary vibratory qualities.

The Mind

Even if often we are not aware of it, our Mind leads a incessant discursive activity that accompanies us during all waking hours.  Articulated inner conversations and imaginary “films” of all kinds absorb part of our attention and induce us to inevitably project in the past or in the future. This continuous background buzz turns us away from the contact with reality preventing us to fully live the present, the ‘here and now’. This condition, together with the identification with our concepts, dogmas and convictions  acquired during our existence, build a sort of  filter between us and everything we come in contact with. Our communication is limited and the possibility to establish a real connection between the things or the people surrounding us is compromised.

The Emotions

At birth, each one of us has a natural tendency to express emotions with no reserves. A characteristic that unites all children , for example, is the ability to move from states of rage or sadness, to moments of joy and happiness, with ease and in a really short time. Emotions, when are inhibited, go through us and their effect on our system has a very short duration that doesn’t leave traces on the body and is not accompanied by mental constructions. With growth, unfortunately, we loose this spontaneous attitude and the unexpressed emotional scars settle in specific areas of the body. Proper psychosomatic blocks trap high quantities of energy and undermine the right flow of life inside the system.

The action of the Soul Contact Massage

Thanks to the conscious touch, this massage is totally guided by the listening of the body and by its continuous and erratic needs. The quality of the contact is therefore very soft and respectful and gives the system the trust necessary to create  the beginning of a healing process. The body gets immediately back its natural and subtle  sensibility and, thanks to the specific action on some areas (marma points), the natural energy balance is re-established. In the new found relaxation, the emotional blocks find the space to free themselves in a fluid and natural manner giving back to the system a great quantity of energy requisitioned for a long time. Simultaneously, the intense sensory pleasure generated by the conscious touch invites us to give up the tendency to rational control. It’s in this phase that, thanks to a loosening of the inner discourse and to a new found harmonious system, are created the ideal conditions to access to the meditative experience.

The Conscious Touch

The Conscious Touch is what characterises and distinguishes the Soul Contact Massage making it unique comparing to all other holistic treatments. The necessary condition of the Conscious Touch is a deep connection between the operator and the receiver. You enter a real space of ‘meditative unity’, where the operator follows the energy flow in absence of machanicalness and intentionality pre-determined. Differently from most massage practices, that contemplate a pre-built protocol of  manoeuvres, the Soul Contact Massage has the faculty to adapt and modulate the contact, instant by instant, to the needs of the body that mutate and alternate in a rapid and continuous manner.

The effect of the conscious touch is surprising. None of us is used to, if not accidentally, receiving at a physical level a perfectly adequate answer to the precise need that manifests itself at a given moment and, when this happens in a continuous manner, the result is of magnificent opening. Like a flower that opens up to the light, we become available to the contact with trust and joy, letting our guard down allowing to loose ourselves in the intensity of the experience. In this phase of permeability, the action on the energetic areas becomes much more fluid and extremely effective.

The Effects

Receiving a non-intentional and non-mechanical touch is a very deep experience for the body. Instantly a total openness and availability towards everything surrounding us manifests itself, in a climate of complete trust. We have the possibility to access a real ecstatic experience.

Naturally the path and the stages are very subjective and the extraordinary prerogative of this practice, because based on the conscious touch, is the respect of the limits and the times of everyone of us.

You can anyhow, in most cases, notice sensible immediate effects. To women that have developed, since adolescence, a sort of ‘radar’ to manage  coarse or invasive physical contacts, the experimentation of the Soul Contact Massage gives the opportunity to give themselves in full trust to a contact without any defensive barriers. This allows them to find the spontaneous rush towards sensuality and the vital energy that they may have repressed and censured during life. A sort of new found freshness and vitality is the most frequent testimony of women that experiment the practice for the first time.

To men is offered instead the possibility to enter a perceptive sphere completely new compared to the usual schemes that takes them closer to the female universe. For a man, being able to let flow in the whole body the sensory vibrations and to be able to enjoy physical pleasure in a manner detached from the routine sexual schemes, is an extraordinary step towards the knowledge of his potential and of the consequent possible scenarios.

Most men that tried the Soul Contact Massage report, after an initial feeling of destabilization, of important changes in the emotional life. There is a sort of closeness to the feminine prospective with a consequent openness that encourages a greater complicity and affinity.

Besides the immediate effects, there are a series of qualities that get  strengthen and developed in time:

The distance between us and the rest of the universe thins, we start to feel a sort of connection and union. We begin to bring the consciousness acquired during the pick experiences lived in the practice even in the every day life, and this changes radically our relationship with ourselves and with the things.

Little by little we abandon our predatory tendency towards objects, people and desires and we learn to integrate in a harmonic manner in the context of the moment.

Free massage sessions offered by the students that have completed the basic formation course.

July, 11th 2014 from 5p.m. to 8 p.m. at Tiliguerta Meeting Room

Only on request and appointment:,, +39 3493061749, or directly at Tiliguerta reception.

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