Capoeira, Brazilian Martial Art

Capoeira Brazilian Martial Art – with Marcella Tanchis

Capoeira can’t be considered simply a sport, it is a culture, a language, an art, a music genre, and also a waway to make friends, to win over your fears and keep in shape. The most important moment of the Capoeira is the ronda, a circle of people inside which two capoeiristas face each other not for a fight, but for a game.

A special experience that lands in Sardinia, at Tiliguerta: kick, dodge, kick, turn, bridge, jump and so on for those long minutes where movements fit together with one another in a sort of dance that hides a fights. The game is always given rhythm by the music, by the clapping of hands and by the songs sang together by all the contestants. Every roda is an energy explosion, a concert, a show where everyone is invited to join in with their energy.


Leads Marcella Tanchis

it looks like seaweed

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