Responsible tourism

Tiliguerta is committed to promoting responsible and eco-friendly tourism that respects the environment, the local community and economy, in full awareness that this has now become an essential requisite.

Responsible behaviour involves primarily our facility, but also the behaviour of the tourists and of the businesses that create and market the trips and the services related to them.

We address ourselves to tourists who embrace the idea of a holiday characterised by the respect for and a discovery of the environment, and to tourists who are aware that nature should be preserved and who use their holidays as a chance to discover food and drinks, crafts, folkloristic traditions, the local flora and fauna.

We began a requalification of Tiliguerta setting our goal on a minimum impact on the environment:

-          Mobile homes placed in 2011 and 2012 are made of wood coming from controlled forests and the use of LED for the inside furnishing allows a big energy saving; the position of this accommodations allows you to enjoy the natural shade which limits the use of air conditioning.

-          The cleanings in the whole facility are done only with detergents biodegradable within 48 hours so that they have as little impact as possible on the environment.

-          The office appliances and our promotional material are made of 100% post-consumer recycled paper certified FSC.

-          The entrance of Tiliguerta is part of a bigger illuminating engineering project which has already installed energy saving illuminants.

-          The air conditioning system in the bungalows is cutting-edge, providing as well the heating  of water through the recycling of the air.

-          At Tiliguerta we have a careful separation of rubbish where the collection sites are always indicated by big panels on which the symbol of a lizard, the Tiliguerta, in fact, explains how to divide the rubbish for an optimal recycling.

-          We are firmly against the abandonment of animals and we happily  welcome the owners that decide to spend their holidays with their four-legged friends, to whom we give biodegradable bags for collection of dejections and for cat litters.

-          An inside sign system tries to make our Guests more aware of the importance of the Environment.

We are committed to having the least possible impact on the environment and at the same time we ask our guests to feel equally responsible for the room or the pitch they are occupying by, for example, not throwing clean towels on the floor, not running the taps for longer than necessary and properly separating rubbish for optimal recycling.

Tiliguerta is set in a beautiful yet fragile ecosystem made of sand, sea, rocks, ponds, rivers, hills and forests. We are certain you will help us to preserve this haven of beauty!


Camminando lungo la spiaggia, soprattutto dopo una mareggiata, sulla spiaggia di Tiliguerta può capitare di incontrare la Posidonia Oceanica che, contrariamente a quello che si pensa, non è un alga…
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…E’ nata, finalmente! Tiliguerta Dog Beach, la spiaggia che mancava.

La preziosa collaborazione con il Sindaco di Muravera (CA), Marco Fanni, e la comune sensibilità verso il tema dell’abbandono dei cani, soprattutto in prossimità delle vacanze, hanno reso possibile la creazione della Tiliguerta Dog Beach, un’area attrezzata in spiaggia completamente dedicata ai nostri amici a quattro zampe.

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