Four-legged friends

Why should only small dogs be admitted? Why should a dog weighing 25 kg be denied the rights given to a dog weighing only 2 kg? Tiliguerta provides welcoming accommodation to your pet regardless of weight, but the camping village is not a hotel for animals, as we believe that your dog is on holiday with you, and should therefore stay with you, within reason. We advise you not to leave your furry friend unattended in your allocated accommodation as dogs do not like being left alone and might protest at your absence by barking.
If your furry friend is used to jumping on beds and sofas at home, we would be grateful if you could bring your own bedspreads or beach towels to cover the room’s furnishings, in order to leave it clean on your departure as removing animal hair from fabrics is extremely difficult. Dogs are not allowed to roam free around the trees and lawns at Tiliguerta without a lead. In compensation, your pet may run free in the vast open spaces of the oasis of wildlife surrounding the camping village. Above all, we urge you to clean up animal dejections , not only in Tiliguerta’s dog area, but also in the vicinity of the camping village where you may take dogs for a walk, and wherever you choose to go on an excursion.
Bags and scoop are mandatory, but more than this they are a sign of civility on the part of pet owners showing respect to other guests and the surrounding environment. It is hard to find places who whole-heartedly accept our furry friends: so please try to let us continue to offer a welcoming policy!
We advise you to read these regulations carefully before booking at Tiliguerta, as they must be signed by you.
Read the “Regulations for cats and dogs”

it looks like seaweed

Walking along the shore, especially after a sea storm, on the beach of Tiliguerta you may encounter the Posidonia Oceanica which, despite what some might think, it’s not seaweed

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At Tiliguerta Camping Village we have always been happy to welcome all animals, especially, dogs. Our goal is to allow that a dog spends the whole vacation time with its human friend, and that, therefore, it doesn’t stay locked in an accommodation, while…

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