Diving center

The Diving Centre operates from within the Tiliguerta village and is run by FIPSAS (Italian Federation of Recreational Fishing and Diving) instructors Ferdinando and Franco Calderini who have been accompanying divers in the beautiful waters of the area around Tiliguerta since the mid-1980s.

Our Diving Centre is one of the few authorised centres offering diving in the Protected Marine Area of Capo Carbonara, accessible almost every morning by rubber dinghies departing from Tiliguerta’s beach.

For those who have not yet dived around the islands of Cavoli or Serpentara, or in the shoals of Secca dei Dotti or Santa Caterina cannot imagine the amount and size of fish found there!

It takes just five minutes by boat to reach Capo Ferrato for other wonderful diving experiences. Less constrained than the park and with more ‘cunning’ fish, the area represents a unique oasis of marine biodiversity.

The Diving Centre is known for its research and underwater archaeology.

Those wishing to experience diving from a different perspective can participate in ‘plunges’ off isolated rocks, unmarked on maps or on finds from various historical periods.

Per chi subisce il fascino del mondo sottomarino, ma non ha mai avuto l’occasione di indossare le bombole, Spazio Mare offre corsi di didattica FIPSAS / CMAS a vari livelli.

Our instructors also offer FIPSAS / CMAS courses at various levels for those attracted by the underwater world, but who have never had the opportunity to wear cylinders. The fact you can enter the water in groups of up to six, not only ensures a high level of safety, but also guarantees everyone’s involvement and participation.

You will feel a sense of belonging especially in the evening, at the legendary dinners: when thrilling experiences are exchanged accompanied by good wine and delicious food, it is perfectly natural to fall in love with the beautiful sea of Tiliguerta!

For information and bookings please contact:

Ferdinando e Franco Calderini

+39 328 3794529

+39 330 752800


Nuove case mobili e suite, una nuova sistemazione del verde, nuovi arredi nelle parti comuni e oggi anche un gruppo di servizi igienici nuovi che ai nostri campeggiatori non farà rimpiangere il bagno di casa…

Guarda la galleria di immagini!

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…E’ nata, finalmente! Tiliguerta Dog Beach, la spiaggia che mancava.

La preziosa collaborazione con il Sindaco di Muravera (CA), Marco Fanni, e la comune sensibilità verso il tema dell’abbandono dei cani, soprattutto in prossimità delle vacanze, hanno reso possibile la creazione della Tiliguerta Dog Beach, un’area attrezzata in spiaggia completamente dedicata ai nostri amici a quattro zampe.

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