LELLY GRANNY. Babysitter for children aged 0-3.


Graziella Pivetta, aka Lelly Granny  was born in a s small town in Calabria 60 years ago and grows up to 10 years of age with a great love: the sea. Thanks to her childhood near nature she kept during her life, when possible, to live near it. Passionate about theater, cooking and travelling, she made creativity a tool to reinvent the daily life.

She studied food therapy and led seminars of yoga dedicated to the energy re-balance introducing a diet fitting to the theme treated.

Several years ago she became a grandmother to a splendid baby girl and so began for her a new and marvelous adventure: raising and entertaining her grand-daughter. The game became a real job, finding that with small things and a little fantasy the fun for the little ones is sure.

Passionate about knitting for more than 40 years she specialized in  creations for babies up to 3 years old starting her own line Lelly Granny –handmades for love.

On reservation at our reception or at info@tiliguerta, Lelly Granny at Tiliguerta will offer a baby sitting service from June, 16th to the beginning of August for children up to 3 years for maximum 5 children and 2 hours a day. All inclusive, in the club card costs.


Closed room or outdoor, in any case in a place safe for the children. She will lead simple entrataining activities for small children through the use of colors, pouring, constructions, manual activities, games with music.

it looks like seaweed

Walking along the shore, especially after a sea storm, on the beach of Tiliguerta you may encounter the Posidonia Oceanica which, despite what some might think, it’s not seaweed

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