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(Italiano) Alla Corte dei Carroz

31 May 2014

(Italiano) Leggenda delle Domus de Janas

26 May 2014

How good is the carasau!

23 May 2014

If made with the finest durum wheat flour in wealthy families or with barley flour in the humblest homes, one thing is certain, the carasau bread has always united all palates, becoming a fixed point in Sardinian gastronomic culture. And … Continue reading

Girotonno 2014

21 May 2014

Tiliguerta isn’t only a holiday destination, but the perfect base for excursions and field-trips in Sardinia: it’s near Cagliari, the chief town, but also a few steps from the new S.S. 125 that easily connects the North and South of … Continue reading

South Sardinia experiments a new way to live the holidays

20 May 2014

Wellness, now so very desired while on holiday, has found today its full expression in South East Sardinia, at Tiliguerta Camping Village, a few steps away from the nature oasis of Capo Ferrato, in Muravera (CA). Thanks to the collaboration … Continue reading

Citrus souvenirs

20 May 2014

Tiliguerta rises in the middle of a territory extremely rich of food and wine excellences. We are in the South East Sardinia, Muravera. Here, between the sea, the ponds, the lagoons and the mountains grow citruses of the finest quality: … Continue reading

Reach South Sardinia by plane and discover Tiliguerta!

9 May 2014

Mysterious, charming, full of energy island… Sardinia, the pearl of the Mediterranean, attracts each year million of tourists thanks to the incredible variety of its natural landscapes still intact,  its millenarian culture made of rituals and traditions that talk about … Continue reading

New Diving Center at Tiliguerta!

2 May 2014

For 2014 Tiliguerta secured a new important covenant with a new Diving Center, Centro Immersioni Sardegna of Alessandro Pettinau, operating in Costa Rei since 1987. Centro Immersioni Sardegna (Sardinia Diving Center) is an official PADI DIVE RESORT that, thanks to … Continue reading

(Italiano) Sagra delle Fragole

1 May 2014

Sorry, this entry is only available in Italiano.

The Slow Travel Lifestyle

30 April 2014

Tiliguerta represents the slowtravel lifestyle, where each one break up the rythm of the ordinary to let emerge slowness. It’s a special slowness that let every guest to know deeply this territory, but also its beauty, food&drink, people, landscapes, history, … Continue reading

Prickly pear in Sardinia

25 September 2013

Fichi d’India in Sardegna: Camminando lungo le coste della Sardegna – e anche qui, attorno al campeggio Tiliguerta di Muravera – avrete sicuramente notato le piante visibili nella foto qui sopra, una specie di grande cactus chiamato in italiano fico d’india … Continue reading

Flamingos in Muravera

19 September 2013

Fenicotteri a Muravera: con la loro figura snella e le eleganti danze nel cielo, i fenicotteri rosa continuano ogni anno a catturare gli sguardi di migliaia di turisti. L’affascinante spettacolo proposto da questo grande uccello migratore è ormai entrato nell’immaginario … Continue reading

Villasimius and Villaputzu Events (13-15 Semptember 2013)

13 September 2013

Sarà un weekend ricco di eventi questo nel Sarrabus, tra Villasimius e Villaputzu. Entrambe le località si trovano a circa 20 minuti di macchina da Costa Rei e dal campeggio Tiliguerta, Villasimius in direzione sud, Villaputzu verso nord. Partiamo da … Continue reading

Santa Maria Feast 2013 Villasimius

5 September 2013

Festa Santa Maria 2013 Villasimius: Dal 5 al 9 Settembre si svolge a Villasimius – a soli 20 minuti di macchina dal campeggio e villaggio Tiliguerta, la sentitissima Festa di Santa Maria – molte le iniziative in programma, trovate il … Continue reading

Glamping Holidays in Sardinia

3 September 2013

Vacanze Glamping in Sardegna: siamo lieti di annunciarvi che da pochi giorni il nostro campeggio e villaggio Tiliguerta è stato inserito sul prestigioso portale internazionale, il sito più autorevole del settore, oltre che uno dei più selettivi in materia di glamping: si … Continue reading

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it looks like seaweed

Walking along the shore, especially after a sea storm, on the beach of Tiliguerta you may encounter the Posidonia Oceanica which, despite what some might think, it’s not seaweed

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At Tiliguerta Camping Village we have always been happy to welcome all animals, especially, dogs. Our goal is to allow that a dog spends the whole vacation time with its human friend, and that, therefore, it doesn’t stay locked in an accommodation, while…

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