How good is the carasau!

If made with the finest durum wheat flour in wealthy families or with barley flour in the humblest homes, one thing is certain, the carasau bread has always united all palates, becoming a fixed point in Sardinian gastronomic culture. And yet you don’t need any particular ingredient. As it often happens for the best traditional specialities, also for the carasau bread the secret is in the preparation methods. The double baking is what gives it that special fragrance and that particular lightness, qualities that earned it the name of “music paper”.
It’s impossible to savour the carasau bread without making any noise, and swaying the head a bit perhaps, like when you approve a “delicious” melody!
In a small bowl melt the yeast with a little of lukewarm water. In the remaining water, pour the salt and stir. Mix the two liquid solutions with the flour and start knead vigorously, until you have a smooth mixture without lumps.
Divide the mixture in several pats and, once you covered them, let them grow for at least 3 hours in a place with no drafts nor currents of cold air.
After this phase, take back the pats and stretch them one by one, to have big and very thin (about 3 millimetres thin) sheets, that you will place in turns on a baking tin previously floured with durum what semolina.
Now place them in the hot oven for a few seconds, or at least until the dough will inflate like a balloon. Stick then this swelling and cut it to make two sheets.
Follow the procedure for all the pats and, when you are done, put all the sheets back in the oven for a few minutes, just until they dry out and become crunchy.
As you’ve seen the carasau bread is made by two phases of baking. The first, that has to be done at the highest temperature for a few seconds or a little above one minute, is necessary to cause the swelling of the disk. The second phase has to be done at 180°C for about 7-8 minutes, until the bread is dry enough. This double baking, beside making it delicious, allows a longer conservation.
Ideas and variants:
If you season the slice of carasau bread with some oil and a pinch of salt and grill it for a few moments, you will obtain the famous “guttiau” bread, that in the Logudorese’s dialect means in fact “dripped” or “sprinkled”.
Bon appetite!
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