South Sardinia experiments a new way to live the holidays

Wellness, now so very desired while on holiday, has found today its full expression in South East Sardinia, at Tiliguerta Camping Village, a few steps away from the nature oasis of Capo Ferrato, in Muravera (CA).

Thanks to the collaboration with the association La Città del Sole, guests who will chose to spend their holidays at Tiliguerta from June to September will be able to practice several holistic activities with carefully selected operators from all around Italy. The offer is extremely varied: ayurvedic treatments, several kinds of meditation, pilates, yoga for adults, children and pregnant women, Essenes treatments for the energy rebalance, Aura readings, free massage demonstrations, personalized Bach Flowers, phsycogenealogy, foot reflexology, iridology, naturopathy and conscious nutrition consulting.

To these disciplines others more intense will be added such as Capoeira and African Dances, but also art displays, dance theatre shows, Hawaian dances and singing, sufi chanting, harmonic singing and didjeridoo, a very antic wind instrument used by the Australian Aborigines, lessons.

Wellness has become a paradigm that involves many different spheres. It’s the reason why naturopaths that will be alternating during the season at Tiliguerta, in collaboration with the structure’s restaurant, will realize dietetic and detoxifying dishes within the regular menu, using herbs and other ingredients all strictly local.

Laura Deiana, Tiliguerta Camping Village CEO: “We always loved breaking the mold, transforming the traditional concept of camping village. The Tiliguerta project was born with the intention to create a place of Well-Being at 360°in Sardinia, and that it would be so for the people working with us, for our guests and for the communities living in the territory around Costa Rei. Our goal is to make known and easily accessible many different holistic disciplines for our Guests that will be able to regenerate themselves while on vacation through the contact with nature, which becomes the centre of the travelling experience.”

In short, a new model of vacation, in a place that for the first time gathers in one season many different activities designed to enhance the Beauty, Art and Wellness of the individual and that uses fundamentally the frame of the perfectly preserved natural context of the Naturalistic Oasis of Capo Ferrato: a mix of beaches, ponds, lagoons and mountains.

Rossana Vera Nicora, Ayurvedic Therapist and Teacher, Coordinator of the summer campus by La Città del Sole: “It’s a great pleasure and honor  for me to coordinate this project that sees excellent artists, operators and teachers in the wellness department alternating at Tiliguerta, all together with the goal to transmit joy and harmony accordingly with both human nature and the nature of the splendid place that hosts us. The people whom with me will lead these programs are very competent talents and people with great humane qualities besides those professionals.”

Davide Monguzzi, communication and holistic disciplines expert: “An extraordinary formula that brings together the unique beauty of the location, inside a naturalistic oasis, with the holistic practices for the relaxation and the deep wellness of the person. A harmonic and serene ambiance that seems to comprehend and welcome all the needs of the people, from sports to discrete and quality entertainment, from the attention for the children to the welcoming of the four-legged friends, not forgetting the quality food with simple, local ingredients with specific menus for celiac and vegetarian guests.

A 360° holistic holiday and a true example of responsible and sustainable tourism that respects the people and the environment.”

Elvio Arancio, Artist and President of the Association La Città del Sole: “Our association was born from the desire, common among its founders, to create Beauty in the different scopes of the human life and the collaboration with Tiliguerta Camping Village, situated in the splendid natural scenario of Costa Rei, is the ideal condition for this experience. We think about a space where everyone, in an atmosphere of joy and sharing, will be able to experience Beauty at a physical, psychic and spiritual level.”

Today the well-being has to be considered an essential luxury, not accessible anymore only for those that frequent 5 stars spas, but available for all. A luxury stripped from formalities. Tiliguerta becomes, therefore, the shelter for those travelers that on holiday decide to regenerate soul, body and mind through teachers and therapists of holistic and bio-natural disciplines, doctors, consultants in the field of health and wellness at a very high level in a natural context that revives the most authentic Sardinia.

it looks like seaweed

Walking along the shore, especially after a sea storm, on the beach of Tiliguerta you may encounter the Posidonia Oceanica which, despite what some might think, it’s not seaweed

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