Muravera Summer Events 2013

What you can see in the image below is the full list of Muravera Summer Events 2013, please contact our reception for a full translation. Muravera is the main town of this area and it’s located 35km north of the Tiliguerta Camping Village. You can also rent a car (or a  motorcycle).

Tutti gli eventi dell' Estate 2013 a Muravera

it looks like seaweed

Walking along the shore, especially after a sea storm, on the beach of Tiliguerta you may encounter the Posidonia Oceanica which, despite what some might think, it’s not seaweed

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At Tiliguerta Camping Village we have always been happy to welcome all animals, especially, dogs. Our goal is to allow that a dog spends the whole vacation time with its human friend, and that, therefore, it doesn’t stay locked in an accommodation, while…

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